New and Improved WonderGel DoubleGel Seat Cushion!

We are proud to announce our brand new, greatly enhanced WonderGel DoubleGel Seat Cushion!

Over the past few years, we have been listening to the feedback of our valued customers, and have responded with an improved seat cushion!

This new DoubleGel is still 16×18″, but it is 33% lighter than before.  It is also half an inch shorter, allowing for use in more places, such as a car, that may not offer as much head room.  Don’t worry – you don’t lose any of the great pressure relief or support our cushions are so known for!

The WonderGel DoubleGel Seat Cushion


A full 2.5” of ultra-plush supportive WonderGel, this gel seat cushion has a softer side and a firmer side so YOU can choose your own comfort level.